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Estate wine cabinet front

Estate wine cabinet front

Estate Wine Cabinet
46" W x 22" Deep x 76" H (36" Wide at the base), cherry & ebony.

The wine cabinet is the fourth version of the Mission Evolution Arts & Crafts tall cabinet. There are two cabinets: the "Estate" Wine Cabinet which is the high end unit and the other is the "Vineyard" Wine Cabinet that is simplified in design so that the owner can customize the interior to fit their budget.

Both cabinets have a similar base that holds, in front, 36 bottles and 4 magnums, with pull out shelves above the rack, and on each side are shelves for 6 magnums. Both top chests have, in front, horizontal racks holding 9 bottles each with shelving in between. Accessible shelves from the sides are for taller or half full standing bottles. The middle side panels have veneer inlays. Both cabinets separate easily as they just rest on top of each other. The cabinets are very open for free air flow which is important to wine keeping and would allow placement in any room. Both cabinets are finished in oil and beeswax.

The top chest of the "Estate" includes a separate lighted cabinet with a glass door and glass shelving for displaying glassware and the black-eyed Susan inlayed into the back. Each side panel has an inlay of vineyard grape cluster hanging on the post. There is a light switch within the front of the cabinet, hanging glassware slides, a central three drawer case for accessories, and two pull out shelves in the base.

Diamond grid wine racks, as are in my cabinets, cradle the bottle for better storage, and no vibration.

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