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Dining room table

Dining room table

Dining Table
29" H x 42" W x 66" L w/o leaf
29" H x 44" W x 80" L w/ leaf, curly cherry, yellowheart, ebony, various marquetry veneers.

Table to seat up to six, eight with leaf. Top slides open, while legs remain stationary, to accept one extra leaf. Leaf is designed to be stored on the wall as artwork. Veneers are inlaid into solid wood top surface. Inlay motif uses Arts & Crafts ginko leaves as it plays with a metamorphosis theme. The inlay is a series of ginko leaves that metamorphose into a butterfly, in the central leaf, and hide a similar shaped preying mantis. The mantid's head in real life has arcs similar to a ginko leaf. Legs have profile of mantid's wings when closed. A spline is set into leg to strengthen grain structure at sharp arcs. Arts & Crafts intarsia pattern of colored woods is set into structural spline. Trestle has mantid eyes in yellowheart. Between the ebony arms is a chevron in a negative space to imply the mantid's mouth as it dines on an ebony stick man, which is typical of female wooden preying mantis.

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