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Berlin table inlays

Berlin table inlays

Berlin Dining Table Inlays
48" W x 52" Long, curly English sycamore, ebony, quilted maple, blistered maple, birds'eye maple.

The Wiener Werkstatte rose mark inlayed into the tabletop is separated in half to accept one or two table leaves which are themselves inlayed with an 'evolved' design to compliment the turn of the century Austrian logo.  Dining table designed to compliment the style of the Wiener Werkstatte with their logo as the focal point inlayed into the top. The Austrian Workshops were founded in 1903, to produce artistic craftsmanship of simplicity, minimal decoration and geometric patterns within the Arts & Crafts movement, known as the Austrian Sessionist movement, and include artisans Joseph Hoffman, Koloman Moser and Gustav Klimt.

Dining table seats six comfortably and ten with the addition of two fourteen inch leaves. Each half of the tabletop on the end aprons slide outward to open up a central space for one or two table leaves, while the leg base structure remains stationary. The tabletop halves are then racheted snug against the leaves, without requiring extra help.

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