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Aussie dining coastal view

Aussie dining coastal view

High Back Chairs
20" W x 22" Deep x 54" H, Australian sheoak, ebony.

A combination of inspirations from Charles Rennie MacIntosh's Argyle Chair and the Greene brothers. This design incorporates comfort with form. Seat and back slats are ergonomically shaped and flexible providing comfort in a wooden chair. Curved back leg prevents chair from leaning back.

Aussie Dining Table and Chairs
11.5" L x 4.5" W x 29" H

Table is made of red gum wood, indigenous to Western Australia, exploiting the uniquely scarred characteristic of gum pockets that have dried and left a dark void. These voids are then filled with clear epoxy. The table was designed to allow easy non knee knocking access in order to sit anywhere, along with being airy and complimenting the owner's harbor and ocean view. It seats as many as twelve or can cozily accommodate two at either of the pointed ends. The center contains an abstract Australian design inlay of solid wood using different cuts of the same species. This table can also be used as a small conference table.

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