About the Company

About the Company
Arnold d’Epagnier of Colesville, Maryland has a reputation as a craftsman and designer that continues to grow. His work is purposely reflective of his environment – that of growing up in Maryland – and being inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement and Art Nouveau period of the early 1900’s.

Arnold has been making furniture for thirty years and has been published in several books on the subject including Fine Woodworking Design Book Four, Fine Woodworking Beds and Bedroom Furniture, Craft Furniture – The Legacy of the Human Hand by Denis Blankemeyer, and Greene & Greene by furniture maker Darrell Peart. He has also received several awards which include Master Artisan in the Roycroft at Large Association (1996-2003) of East Aurora, NY and a Show Award from Philadelphia’s Furniture & Furnishings Show (2004). d’Epagnier has also been included in several magazine articles as well as given a speech at the Arts & Crafts Grand Californian Conference.

The son of a renowned Washington architect, d’Epagnier is influenced by the work of architects Henry and Charles Greene, whose works culminated in the early 1900’s, as well as by historical design, the surroundings of his native land and modern craftsmanship. In many of d’Epagnier’s furniture pieces, Maryland’s state flower, the Black-Eyed Susan is delicately woven into the design. All of these elements have influenced d’Epagnier’s designs, and have helped him create exquisite furniture that is equally adept in a collection of antiques or in a home showcasing modern works of art.

Arnold’s work has become a part of numerous public collections including presentation tables and coffee tables commissioned by Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, California; a reception desk for Kipplinger offices in the Washington, DC area; a lectern in a local church, St. John the Baptist; and a conference table for the Maryland Communications Center in Baltimore which was later transferred to the Maryland State House in Annapolis.

Arnold’s mission within this current revival of the Arts & Craft movement is to provide a new lifestyle of forms related to the A & C “mission” style of the past but not a reproduction of that past. His goal is to keep furniture design alive and exciting. Furniture design should change with the needs of the customer and always expand all levels of appreciation.

He believes that reproducing a past work is just that – a reproduction of the past, not a revival of the past. He states that “he can only be a part of the revival if he expresses himself in his work and reflects his style along with the past style.”

After all these thirty years of making furniture as art, d’Epagnier has not designed interest away from Arts and Crafts or away from using Greene and Greene as the foundation for his designs. He has desired to be creative within its many philosophical, economical, minimalist, and natural parameters. He continually desires to make Arts and Crafts move in excitement. Arnold is a furniture artist who is opposed to mere design changes for no reason. He is opposed to designs without a direction implied or a connection to art and desires to direct Arts and Crafts designs toward continuing as a sustaining life style for ideals. This is evolution.

About the Company